About Shooting Stars of Almont

My vision for Shooting Stars started in 1994. Long being a camera buff, I picked up a camera to shoot youth baseball in action. After years of trying to convince area photographers to enhance their sports products, I finally realized "I can do better." The dream came into fruition in 2001 with the birth of Shooting Stars of Almont, Inc..

I never saw myself as a portrait photographer, but here I am. I also started shooting weddings in 1997 & high school seniors in 1999.

Along with other professional photographers I made the switch to digital in 2001 and completed the transition 100% late in 2003. Fairly profficient in Photoshop, I try to learn a new technique every month.

My belief in photography is to provide the best at affordable prices. I may not get rich with money, but I'm extremely wealthy in great customers and hugs.