Senior Picture Information

My goal is to create portraits that define who you are, your personality, your longings and attitude. Youíve reached an important plateau being a senior in High School. Itís also an important transition in life, stepping on the threshold of adulthood. Together we create an image that will reflect you.

What to expect

Plan to spend at least four hours to have your portraits taken. Plan to bring several outfits and an idea of how you would like yourself portrayed. If you have a special hobby, such a moto-cross, bring your bike, helmet and leathers. The sky is the limit. Your parents are always welcome in the studio and are encouraged to be with you.

If you have skin problems, and most teens do, don't scrub your face prior to the shoot. Likewise, don't wax or pluck close to the time of the shoot. Meaning, don't do anything that would inflame your face.

Immediately following the shoot we'll do a preliminary viewing to ensure that you like your pictures. Your sitting fee includes a proof book that contains up to 60 proofs. We may have to spend a few minutes to decide which pictures will be proofed.

The most important thing to me is that you're comfortable and that you have a good time.


Please provide your yearbook requirements. Most yearbooks have strict requirements on head size and overall dimensions of the picture submission. Cost of the yearbook print is included in the sitting fee.

Ordering your prints

The one print that you have a deadline for is the yearbook print. You will need to call with the number of that image. Once that has been ordered and printed the heat is off, so to speak. There is no pressure to order prints but allow two weeks for prints to be delivered. You may call with image numbers or come in and we'll review your order with you.